Innovation is a state of mind – 9 October POSTPONED

Regrettably Jude Ellen and Paul Mead  from Rust 490 will reschedule this workshop into November. Watch this space for updates.   

Monday 9 October at 12:00pm – 13:30
Darwin Innovation Hub, Level 1, Paspalis Centrepoint, 48-50 Smith Street Mall, Darwin 

Welcome to a a high intensity workshop focused on you, a strategic leader with an innovation mindset (re)-inventing your business operating in a dynamic world.

Does your business have plenty of ideas, but lacks the ability to bring them to market? Have you brought an innovative idea to the market, but it wasn’t as successful as you hoped? Are you looking for ideas in your business to get or stay ahead of the game? Innovation is not a new concept, but the speed of change and the need for creativity in order to stay at the pace of the market is forever changing.

A high intensity 90 minute workshop will help you identify building blocks for improving or reinventing your business. We will cover –

  • How strategic leadership is needed to make an idea successful
  • How leaders can develop a culture of collaboration and innovation with their teams in their business
  • How to cultivate the state of mind for leading a business in dynamic uncertain times, supporting the openness and growth of ideas

People leading businesses are at the centre of the innovation change points. Join us to explore how to direct the change for your business.


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