Ideasfest Top End Women

The inaugural Ideasfest TopEnd Women event was held on Friday 27/10/2017 by Luke Gosling OAM MP Federal Member for Solomon at Monsoons, with the help of Deb Turner from ThinkSmart NT. It was a first  Ideasfest for women to gauge interest, and it succeeded spectacularly! Approximately 40 women were invited to this fabulous workshop to test the waters, and they all came.

Ideasfest Top End Women was also a pilot for testing new ways of using technology to particgather feedback about an awesome group and their ideas. And that worked too!

Combining the facilitation skills of  Jude Ellen Rust490 with the big screen electroboard interactivity expertise of Jessica Christie from ELB meant a well-designed fast fun Q&A session, everyone using their mobile phone to “throw” answers to the board. Instant results were displayed in voting, rating scores, graphs and tag clouds and in phrases expressing ideas and wish lists.

Here are the SERIOUS questions we covered in 30 minutes –

  1. What do you cherish most about living in the Top End?
  2. What can make the Top End a better place for women to live?
  3. And the Northern Australia Infrastructure Facility is $5 billion worth of loans for infrastructure to develop the North. What is your wish list for infrastructure spend ?

Contact Luke Gosling’s office or Jude Ellen or Jess Christie for more  info.

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