Techstars Startup Weekend

Techstars is “the world wide entrepreneur network” – a global investment and startup engine that’s built the startup weekend model into one the most successful community catalysts for ideas and entrepreneurialism around the world. And Darwin is holding one of the first weekend events for the 2017 TECHSTARS GLOBAL STARTUP CELEBRATION

“Over 15,000 entrepreneurs will come together for hundreds of events November 10-19, 2017 for Techstars Global Startup Weekend!

Techstars Global Startup Weekend (TGSW) connects entrepreneurs, organizing teams, and startup communities around the world. Attendees get access to exclusive resources to help prep for success at Startup Weekend and make connections to mentors and other startup teams. To help continue growth, the winning team of each event receives helpful perks for building their startup as well as a showcase in our global channels.”

So join us for the Territory’s first ever Startup Weekend from Friday 10 November. Experience 54 hours of ideas and  team work creating disruption (and business models) guided by international and Adelaide based Techstars experts.

Bring friends.  Enjoy the unique opportunity. Send people with ideas. Go browsing to find out what a catalytic impact a start up weekend can have in a community. Stay connected with Rust 490 for after action.


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