ideas flourishing to business in disruptive times

ways that work for ideas to flourish into business

Resilience. Paradox. Ideas. Connection. Co-Thinking. Co-Work. Inquiry. Dialogue. Purpose. Families. Community. Safety. Local. Risk. Divergence. Creativity. Agility. Technology. Markets. Entrepreneurs. Artists. Tinkerers. Makers. Laughter. Sadness. Life. New business.

Thinking spaces. Analytical spaces. Reflection spaces. Physical spaces.
Regenerating ideas to new business
Resilience in our regions
Using techniques and approaches that have helped so many peoples' ideas come to fruition in the recent history of innovation.
Collaboratively fostering ideas flourishing to business
Go to people & ideas co-thinking our emerging future

people & ideas co-thinking our emerging future

Go to ideas enabled by technologies & connected communities

ideas enabled by technologies & connected communities

Go to where Ideas cannot equal business-as-usual ever again

where Ideas cannot equal business-as-usual ever again

across our world, in our place, connected in our country and in community

BRING ON Creative sparky disruptive ideas for impact

Lose legacy rust
Reposition. Reframe
Rust490 offers you

Consulting services - analysis and support for projects seeking strategic market impact pathways
- Advice and support for innovators, working with well-honed methods to qualify in, out or morph concepts to find desirable, feasible, viable propositions and MVPs in the context of a business and go-to-market strategy

TEN WAYS OF WORKING WITH YOU (wait there's only 9)
- 1. Strategic creative thinking & analysis
- 2. Pursue clarity of intent or purpose, enabling ideation and actions
- 3. Decode “innovation”
- 4. Map customer journeys & business models, creating lean business canvas plans
- 5. Research to confirm trends, technologies, competitors, market fit, risks
- 6. Help foster sustainable development from our regions
- 7. Pursue ways to finance differently- new models, new financing
- 8. Help people with dreams to change the world
- 9. Co-think. Co- create. Listen.


* Rust 490’s foundational inspiration was creating a unique space, enabling people, ideas, and communities to collide & flourish through fearless dialogue, team work, creativity, and clever technology. A core team of 5 led by Jude Ellen.

* First opening in 2014 as a creative workshop space for ideas/ entrepreneurs/ technology/ impact, Rust490 morphed to a co work and ideas space, with evolving twist & turns, extensive connections and partnerships, an emerging national presence, and self-financing, although a viable business model remained elusive given the oddities of the local eco system and of the regional economy.

* The Rust 490 entrepreneurial network continued to offer people a hand in using the power of ideas, technology and diversity to replenish or create a business, a team, a partnership, or a community. People wanting to connect and make stuff happen. Like these.....
**co-starting the Darwin Startup, Freelancers and Entrepreneurs Meetup
**catalysing and supporting Darwin Innovation Hub's initial set up
**linking in with regional start up activators national networks kick-started by Regional Pitchfest and Aus Post
**helping establish The Hive, the screen industry co work space in Nightcliff.

* In late 2019 Rust 490 called for Expressions of Interest to assess the viability of a new co work space in the Darwin CBD. People interested in permanent desks at a defined price point proved that the model was viable, and interest expressed for part time spaces exceeded expectations.

* Then COVID-19 happened, and Rust 490 morphed again.