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Energy. Ideas. Teams. Dialogue. Inquiry. Purpose. Divergence. Creativity. Agility. Technology. Markets. IP. Collaboration. Entrepreneurs. Artists. Tinkerers. Makers. Laughter. New business. Life.
Go to Where people & ideas gather

Where people & ideas gather

Rust490 helps catalyse people to
table ideas,
explore “what if we could” & “why can’t we”
to foster ideas into happening

Go to Fueled by crazy technologies

Fueled by crazy technologies

People and ideas play and mesh with technology to make things, transforming & radicalising customer experiences & whole markets, inspiring & anchoring how we make ideas happen

Go to it’s not business-as-usual

it’s not business-as-usual

A creative non BAU mindset catalyses open minded team work.
Contemporary models & practices from deep experience in start up & innovation worlds
But it can coexist

in place & in community

Rust490’s heart is in its community.
We draw inspiration from place and our places teach us.

Industry agnostic.
Creative & organic.
Globally oriented.
Technology enabled.
Locally grounded.

Whatever the problem, community is the answer

Its all about you

Lose legacy rusted on thinking - ideas to business, differently
the places and people necessary for our own flourishing are right before us

Rust 490’s foundational inspiration is creating a unique space, enabling people, ideas, and communities to collide & flourish through fearless dialogue, team work, creativity, and clever technology.

First opening in 2014 as a creative workshop space for ideas/ entrepreneurs/ technology/ impact and hosting the fast growing Darwin Freelancers and Entrepreneurs Meetup, Rust490 morphed to a co work and ideas space. Over the last 5 years Rust490's taken turns and followed sign posts along different routes, without any external financing. But the viable business model given the oddities of the local eco system remained elusive.

Browse News & Events to see some of Rust490’s 2017/18 IdeasFests connections with extraordinary people with ideas. People that are often audacious, yet care. Love team work. Renegades .

In 2018 the regional economic downturn caught up with us and Rust490 retreated to return! We're still here just not on the Main Street.

Rust490 is about ideas shifting.

Rust490 offers you ways to use the power of ideas, technology and diversity to replenish or create a business, a team, a partnership, or a community. You are people with dreams, ideas wanting to make stuff happen

RUST490 OFFERS help to -
1. Explore and interrogate ideas to find fit. If an idea holds up, identify ways on a page to realise it
2. Find ways to hack problems. Someone Should Do Something! What if we could solve or fix something BIG ? Tricky problems hold impact, complexity and intractability. Get fresh ideas and options on the table then work out the how
3. Unpack “innovation”. Romp through the meanings and usefulness of the ubiquitous “I” word , different dimensions of innovation, with some practical models.
4. Work with the Lean Business Canvas: Qualify in an idea FAST, iteratively create business model cases
5. Does IP matter? Yes- and No. A basics conversation about IP "things", processes, patent searching and global thinking for you to decide if / how you need IP.
6. Bootstrap or finance? Well, there's a great question we can help with.

Fast- no one’s got much time. Rust490 uses contemporary agile tools and methods from start up thinking world, now 30 years old, backed by brilliant material on the web. Inherently flexible and innovative

Workplaces and business as usual methods can be soul destroying. Proscriptive and prescriptive. Hard to get space/ time to reflect, think creatively. Yet thinking & acting differently can be a norm.

• Workshops, seminars, tools, practices, ideas pitches, mini sprints, hackathons, workshops, fringe events, pop ups where you need an IdeaStorm
• One hour? 2 hours? Ideas out on the table on 30 minutes? 3 mornings in a row? It depends on you and your intent

New ways – Fast, Learning focused, Fearless. Teams. Open. Ask for what you need. Discover a space for possibilities, and lose legacy rusted-on thinking. Flourish.

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