Interested in a new co work space in Darwin?!

Rust 490 has been working in the ideas, creative disruption, connections and business fostering space in Darwin for 5 years, inspired by technology and the extraordinary creativity of people in our community.

Like so many of us Rust 490 has been seeking ways to regenerate Darwin (it won’t be “the next big project”!) and now seems like a great time to revisit opening a new co working space.

So Rust 490 is asking you for non-binding Expressions of Interest to help assess the viability of a new co-working space on the edge of Darwin CBD in 2020.

You might be in finance, alternative energy, creative, med tech, construction, a student, an artist, or unclassifiable. This is industry agnostic – it’s about where you prefer to be based when you work.

The question is- is it just us? Or are there more people who will say YES! and join a new co work space, helping make the business of co work in Darwin financially viable?

Here’s the proposition (its in the EOI form too)

Starting with the basic co-work setting, and operating with co-work principles, open a viable co-work base from which many other things might unfold.

  • – Daylight
  • – 24/7 Secure Access
  • – CCTV Security
  • – Internet plus standard amenities
  • – Meeting or workshop spaces
  • – Lounge chairs
  • – Greenery
  • – Principles of sustainability and re-purposing
  • – Approximately 25 permanent desks starting at $75 per week ex GST
  • – Start in 2020

Here’s the EOI form – its simple, only three questions for you to express interest in a permanent or part time desk in this co work opportunity.

Even if you are not a desk candidate, tell us what you think of this proposition and help us work out how to help us all thrive.

This EOI closes Friday 13 December 2019.