Rust490’s line in the sand: 3 workshops

After 4 years @ 4/ 90 Woods St City Rust490 is moving at the end of July, perchance to be reborn elsewhere in Darwin’s fringe CBD.

There’s no better way to draw a line in the sand than to share with you some preoccupations arising through Rust490’s journey. We offer you 3 one hour workshops across Thurs 19/7 & Friday 20/7, and invite you to join us @Rust490.

The “I” word  and You:  Interpreting “innovation” on your terms (details below) Unpack & Explore  Series: Examine concepts and thinkers clear sightedly Thursday 19/7/2018
1200-1300 BOOK
The Lean Business Canvas and You: Is there a “best” way?  (details below) Methods Series: How do we DO stuff?  Thursday 19/7/2018
1715- 1815 BOOK
Shenzhen & The NT: What might tech driven connections  look  like? (details below) Hacks Series: What if we could …? Ways we might achieve something Friday 20/7/2018
1200 -1300 BOOK

Run by Jude Ellen these one hour workshops will not only offer insights but will also catalyze thinking about what else? What arises from this conversation that’s worth taking further? Please note that each workshop’s fee is $20.00.

Feel free to contact Jude with questions,  Jude AtRust, or LinkedIn. Ticketing is through Eventbrite.


The “I” word and You: Interpreting “innovation” on your terms: Unpack & Explore  Series Thursday 19/7/2018 1200- 1300 BOOK HERE

  • Rust490 has grappled with the “I” word perpetually over the years, when  “innovation” is added to almost everything as an indicator of something. Maybe things change as a result, maybe they don’t.
  • What does it really mean to use the “I” word? A powerful word with deep legacy. Loads of opportunity. And risk.
  • In using the “I” word are you biting off more than you can chew, or do you know exactly what you’re doing and how you’re doing it?
  • This is for people with inquiring minds, curious and perhaps frustrated about the “I” word and its implications. A concept at the heart of Rust490’s journey.
  • This brief workshop aims at getting beyond the ubiquitous use of the “I” word, exploring some models and meanings, generating insights into ways “innovation” might be useful to you, on your terms.

The Lean Business Canvas and You: Is there a “best” way? Methods Series Thursday 19/7/2018 1715- 1815 BOOK HERE

  • Everyone everywhere seems to work with the Lean Business Canvas! Have you discovered a fit for you yet? Is there a “best” method or way to explore finding value?
  • Rust490 has researched, inquired and explored Lean Business Canvas options over the years. So many versions generated by different thinkers and vendors in an agile and customer centred world.
  • Rust490’s worked practically with the Lean Business Canvas  in the Darwin Techstars Start-up Weekend, in the one day IdeasFests hackathons, with Melbourne Business School in the 2017 Australia Post Regional Pitchfest, Applied LBC models with individuals exploring emerging business propositions. And  used the Lean Business Canvas internally for evolving business models- frustrating, rewarding, and challenging.
  • Q:  Why does Rust490 use a Lean Business Canvas?
  • A: Because it helps qualify an idea FAST, iteratively creating and evolving business model cases. It forces finding the essence of value. Or not. Its clever. And it’s on ONE PAGE – an awesome feat.
  • Q: Is there be a “best” way to get oriented to a Lean Business Canvas fast, and to start applying it?
  • A: Yes (maybe!)
  • There’s a plethora of methods out there for “learning” how to use a LBC, whether  face to face (for days at a stretch, or in more condensed workshops, or in “bootcamps” or hackathons), on line, or using a book (!)
  • Rust490 introduces you to the Lean Business Canvas (s) we’ve found most directly useful. Easiest to engage with and to follow. With  a rough guide to who is who in the in the LBC zoo and some practice tips

Shenzhen & The NT –what might tech driven connections look like? Hacks Series Friday 20/7/2018 1200 -1300  BOOK HERE

What interests might align between the extraordinary China region on Hong Kong’s doorstep and the differently extraordinary Northern Territory? What might tech driven opportunities look like? 

At Rust490 we’ve been pondering what Shenzhen and Darwin might have in common. So let’s open the conversation out. A mini hackathon to start the ball rolling

Here’s some links to kick start our thinking:

Book now. If you are interested but can’t join us, please contact Jude, Jude AtRust, or LinkedIn. All ideas and feedback welcome. Join Rust490’s email List.